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We seek experienced independent consultants to work on projects under the European Commission’s BENEF Lots 1: Rural Development, Lot 6: Environment, Lot 7: Governance and Home Affairs, and Lot 10: Trade & Private Sector and EC COM Lot 1 Studies and Technical Assistance in all Sectors.

Excellent English is essential, and a good knowledge of French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic is often required. Consultants should have experience of management, implementation and monitoring/evaluation of donor-funded projects. Get registered.

Why register on the DAI Consultants’ Database?

To enable us to identify and contact you when we have an assignment corresponding to your background and experience.

How to register

New Consultants: To register your CV on our database please complete the questionnaire and email to with your CV as an attachment.

Already registered: To keep your CV and contact details up-to-date please contact us annually or whenever there is a significant change to your details

CVs in EU format only please.

New Opportunities

Une expertise genre/approche droit – Expert(e) 2 – catégorie II

Lot: BENEF 7 | Location: Morocco, Belgium

Une expertise en évaluation et identification formulation de projet de Gouvernance/Etat de droit/Démocratie/Droits de l'homme

Lot: BENEF 7 | Location: Morocco, Belgium

Une expertise en Etat de Droit et/ou Démocratisation et/ou Appui au Parlement (TL)

Lot: BENEF 7 | Location: Morocco


Lot: BENEF 7 | Location: Tunisie

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