Framework Contracts

Provision of a Child Protection Specialist

For this project HTSPE was contracted to provide a child protection specialist and handle all the associated management and administrative work.

The child protection specialist provided by HTSPE was required to work on an assignment designed to assist the Pacific Division (PACD) to improve its approach to child protection and managing risks to children. AusAID has a number of partners in the Pacific who work with children or come into contact with children through their activities. The AusAID-wide child protection stocktake, conducted in May 2013 found that there are a number of organisations funded by AusAID in the Pacific with a high or very high inherent child protection risk. Consistent with the stocktake report PACD proposes to escalate efforts to ensure partner organisations policies, procedures and practices are in accordance with AusAID’s Child Protection Policy 2013 and to make child protection a more explicit focus of PACD’s risk management system.

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