Framework Contracts

Two Category III (Junior) Evaluation Experts

Evaluation of EU Cooperation with Armenia

The overall engagement with Armenia should be taken into consideration in the analysis, including agreements, the co-operation framework and any other official commitments. To the extent possible, the evaluation should distinguish the results obtained through the various EU instruments used in Armenia. Interventions funded by other donors (including i.e. IFIs, UN organisations, bil-lateral agencies and international organisations) at the sector level cannot be part of the evaluation scope – unless they are co-financed, including blending, by the EU. However, the coherence and complementarity between these interventions and the EU cooperation strategy evaluated must be examined.

More specifically, the evaluation will assess:

Two Category III (Junior) Evaluation Experts

The evaluation team should have the following demonstrated experience and expertise:

Be able to cover the following fields:

If you meet the requirements and would be interested in applying for this role please email your CV in EC format to


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