Framework Contracts

Team Leader and Senior Rural/Community Development Expert

Civil Society and Local Authorities (CSO-LA) in Development Programme Monitoring in Armenia 2018-2019

Global objective  The 2016 CSO-LA allocation for Armenia will result in a handful contracts that will need support in their launch phase (first six months) to be implemented in an effective and sound manner and in identifying and planning synergies between the projects. At the same time, the EU Delegation is looking for monitoring support that will identify shortcomings, challenges and concerns related to management of the CSO-LA portfolio in Armenia.

The global objective of this assignment is to contribute to the effective implementation of the selected projects and monitoring projects against the overall CSO-LA portfolio objectives and effective project management.

*Specific objective(s) *

The priority of tasks is very likely to reflect the order of presentation 1-3.

Requested services

All services must be planned and conducted in close collaboration with the EU Delegation. All in-country activities will require prior approval incl. mission dates (6 in-country missions are foreseen), in-country monitoring, support, and training activities.

** 1. Monitor the implementation of the projects, including****:

  1. Quality assurance and support to project management and implementation:
  2. Assess and ensure that opportunities of citizens involvement and ownership, gender equality and youth empowerment and the contractor’s collaboration with project partners and stakeholders, are seriously pursued and maximised:
  3. Conduct mock (=test) reporting exercises for each of the project (some aspects can be joint) after 6 and 9 months of implementation;
  4. Assess and analyse practical aspects (calls, selection criteria, monitoring and reporting plans) related to financial support to third parties;
  5. Identify issues of concern, share these with the contractors and suggest solutions to challenges;
  6. Based on feedback from projects and the EU Delegation, prepare a training plan and implement jointly agreed activities;

3. Communication and visibility:

Expert 1 – Team Leader and Senior Rural/Community Development Expert

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