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Expert in Management of Health Information System

Assessment of availability, appropriateness and quality of data from the Belize Health Information System (BHIS), design of actions to upgrade and expand the system and elaboration of complete tender dossiers

Global objective To assist the Government of Belize and the European Union in implementing the second specific objective of the Health Support Programme Belize: “Strengthen the Health information system in collaboration with an organized surveillance system”.

Specific objective(s) Elaborate complete European Union standard tender dossiers for the services and supplies required for upgrading and expanding the Belize Health Information System (BHIS), training for surveillance and data system, and development of a Cancer Registry.

In close collaboration with the BHIS technical unit in the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Epidemiology Unit and the National Authorising Office (NAO), relevant health facilities, IT providers, regional and district surveillance teams and other stakeholders, the Consultant will conduct three (3) phases.

Expert in Management of Health Information System

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If you meet the requirements and would be interested in this role please apply via the following link to the DAI website, including your CV in EC format


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