Framework Contracts

Expert 1

Description of the project:

Global objective: Review of the Financing Agreement “ The EU-South Africa Dialogue Facility CRIS number: DCI-AFS/2015/037-634” between the European Union and South Africa and financed under the Development Cooperation Instrument.

Specific objectives:

  1. Review of the project as per: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact;

  2. Revision of a sample of at least 7 specific dialogues financed by the project, with the production of at least 7 case studies describing lessons learnt and success stories (maximum 5 pages, on an appealing graphic format, with pictures and infographics are relevant) ;

  3. Analytical assessment on the current project governance structure, modus operandi, (decision making, allocation of funds, role of the PMU…) with recommendations for the second phase of the project;

  4. A cross-comparative overview of other instruments financed by the European Union, promoting policy dialogue, peer-to-peer exchanges and twinning mostly in middle and upper income countries , including of any other review already done by the EU or by any other institution/think tank on relevant instruments, with the objective to distil lessons learnt and best practice to guide the current and any future Dialogue Facility-related programmes in South Africa. The cross-comparative overview will also include a detailed literature review of the concept of “policy dialogue” as this has been/is intended by the European Union, as well as by other donors and relevant stakeholders, a historical overview on how this instrument has evolved, how it is currently implemented, as well as cross-comparison of this instrument successes and challenges in its multiple definitions and practices. The recommendation part of the report will also provide concrete insight on opportunities of twinning programmes (longer term stays of EU/MS officials in the SA administration and vice-versa) to be implemented by the current or future programmes.

Experience and qualifications required:

Education (Compulsory)


Experience (Compulsory)


Language skills (Compulsory)

If you meet the requirements and would be interested in this role please apply via the following link to the DAI website, including your CV in EC format External CWS using Project-Proposal UK Application Form Link to job posting:


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