Framework Contracts

Evaluation Expert (Category II)

Evaluation of the Biodiversity Programme

The main objectives of the evaluation are to provide the relevant external co-operation services of the European Union, the partner government and, when appropriate, the wider public with:

The focus of the evaluation should be on the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation as these seem to be the nature of the challenges that the programme faces.

Furthermore, while this is an intermediate evaluation where conclusions are sought to improve the intervention under way it would be important also to analyse the conceptualisation of the programme to obtain good practices to be transferred to other future programmes in the same or different domains.

An analysis to the recurrent delays would help the Indian Ocean Commission and the European Union Delegation in Mauritius to take into account the identified issues when identifying future programmes.

Also, it would be important to analyse how best to answer to the existing issues and to identify if these answers would respond only to the identified issues on the programme or they could be used in a more systematic way.

Key expert: Evaluation Expert (Category II)


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