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Category II Rule of Law Expert

Identification and Formulation Action Document - Rule of Law - MIP 2014-2020

Global objective
By developing an Action Document for the remaining 11,59MEUR, the overall objective of the focal sector “Rule of Law” under the MIP 2014-2020 is to improve justice and rule of law through strengthening the capacity of institutions to deliver and the capacity of citizens to claim their rights, while ensuring the accountability and oversight of the state.

Specific objective(s) The specific objective of the assignment is to review the work by the national authorities, international/national donors and partners, CSOs’/NGOs in the area of Rule of Law in Kyrgyzstan and identify and suggest areas of work where the EU support is needed, to be analysed and presented in an Action Document for the focal sector Rule of Law for an amount of EUR11,59MEUR. Based on the MIP 2014-2020, the specific objectives for the sector “Rule of Law” are as follows:

Cross-cutting objectives are:

Category II Rule of Law Expert

Qualifications and skills: At least Masters’ Degree law or, in its absence, Bachelor or Specialist degree in law plus 5 years of equivalent professional experience in the judicial or penitentiary sector as lawyer, judge or prosecutor (the equivalent experience must be above the general professional experience duration fixed below);

General professional experience: At least 6 years of experience in Rule of Law and reform of judiciary (legal reform, justice and protection of human rights, capacity building, training of magistrates and prosecution officers) or penitentiary reform (detention conditions; supporting establishment of probation services and developing alternative sentences); -

Specific professional experience:

At least 3 years of specific experience in Rule of Law on technical assistance projects funded by the EU or by other international donors, including previous experience of carrying out at least one similar assignment (identification and formulation of Action document);

Soft skills:

Language skills:

If you meet the requirements and would be interested in this role please apply via the following link to the DAI website, including your CV in EC format


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