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Category II expert: Crisis Room expert

Mid-Term Eval - IcSP/2015/364-435 Strengthening the capability in the League of Arab States Secretariat & its Member States to provide early warning & effective responses to impending regional crisis, conflicts & post conflict situations

The origins of this initiative that builds on the ongoing League of Arab States (LAS) efforts date back to an EU–LAS Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on crisis response and early warning that was signed in 2009, establishing the basis for long-term institutional cooperation and dialogue in the field of conflict prevention, risk assessment, crisis response and peacebuilding. A first phase of cooperation commenced in 2010 to re-enforce the capacity of the League - via its Secretariat - to respond to political, social, economic and environmental crises, through a joint capacity development programme; to operationalize LAS capacity for gathering and channelling early warning signals and their analysis in support of early action and to systematize a long-term dialogue between the LAS and the EU in the fields of risk analysis, crisis response, conflict prevention and peace-building.

The project contributed directly to the establishment and equipment of a Regional Crisis Centre (RCC), which was inaugurated in November 2012, allowing the LAS Secretariat to create the necessary rolling capacity to perform effective crisis-related early warning.

On the basis of the activities and resource investments of Phase I, an institutional capacity within the LAS Secretariat has emerged in the area of crisis response, crisis preparedness and early warning. In the first phase, LAS Secretariat was able to put in place the project’s infrastructure, and to provide the Crisis Room with the latest equipment to help with data collection and analysis.

However, the project did not evolve as expected with regard to the political developments in the Arab region. The LAS Secretariat was not able to effectively employ the resources and capacities established for the benefit of early warning, crisis prevention and response in LAS Member States.

The ongoing second phase of the project builds on the achievements and lessons learnt of this first phase. Hence, the new project was designed specifically to establish an Arab cooperation framework and to support the building of early warning and crisis response capacities in national crisis response entities of LAS Member States. It also aims to deepen the policy dialogue between LAS, the EU, and possibly other international/regional organisations, assist decision-making processes within the LAS and to create operational capabilities that could enable the LAS Secretariat and the member states to play a more effective role in early warning and crisis prevention and response.

Category II expert: Crisis Room expert

Minimum requirements for the crisis room expert

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