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Category I - Public Policy Experts with Experience in Latin America (one TL)

Mid-term Evaluation to support Measures to Institutional Development and Policy Management (MADIGEP)

SIEA 3Since 2015, the eleven strategies of the National Plan have been articulated with the Agenda 2020 -2030 for sustainable development.

The government re-elected in November 2017 has reiterated its willingness to continue the implementation of a long term strategic framework and launched, for the period 2018-2022: the President’ “Plan for a Better Life for Everybody”.

Evaluations should provide an understanding of the cause and effect links between: inputs and activities, and outputs, outcomes and impacts. Evaluations should serve accountability, decision making, learning and management purposes.

The main objectives of this evaluation are to provide the relevant services of the European Union, the interested stakeholders with:

In particular, this evaluation will serve to understand the performance of the Action, its enabling factors and those hampering a proper delivery of results as to inform the planning of the future EU interventions and measures to support the implementation of Multiannual Indicative Plan 2021 - 2027 . The main users of this evaluation will be the EU Delegation to Honduras and EU relevant services, General Coordination of Government and Ministry of Foreign and International Cooperation of Honduras

Category I Public Policy Experts with Experience in Latin America (one TL)

Minimum requirements of the team:

Additional requirements of the team:

Language skills of the team:

If you meet the requirements and would be interested in this role please apply via the following link to the DAI website, including your CV in EC format


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