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Cat III Experts with Expertise in Project Management, Statistics and Private Sector

2019 FinScope MSME Survey

The Malawi 2019 FinScope MSME survey will use a survey instrument that draws on FinMark Trust’s FinScope survey methodology. A random household-based sampling approach should be used to identify survey respondents. The survey should cover a nationally representative sample of about 3 000 business owners, aged 18 and older. This provided a target sample of 3 000 adult business owners (aged 18 and above) which allows statistically reliable estimates for national, urban/rural and district/regional level analysis. In order to comply with national statistical standards, the sampling frame will be determined by the National Statistics Office (NSO) in collaboration with FinMark Trust.

More information on the FinScope MSME methodology is available on the FinMark Trust webpage9.

The global objective of the Malawi FinScope MSME Survey is to assess the nature and scope of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Malawi and to identify the binding constraints to MSMEs’ development and growth with a focus on access to finance, infrastructure, business development services and technology and propose financial assistance and policy to support small scale enterprises.

Provide potential investors in the private sector with information on possible investment opportunities as an initial step towards employment creation leading to poverty reduction.

The FinScope MSME Survey covers a representative and robust sample of business owners, using area-based probability sampling to draw the sample. Business owners will be defined as individuals 18 years and older, who perceive themselves to own businesses and who employ less than a prescribed number of employees.

Specific objective(s):

The survey will inform and build consensus amongst government officials, businesses and other stakeholders about the MSME sector in Malawi. The analysis will identify the key constraints that MSMEs face, the policies, programs and products that could increase productivity and investment, thereby enhancing growth, and encouraging diversification and boosting employment.

The specific objective of the study is to give insights into the MSME sector clearly identifying the businesses by sector, their business life stage, barriers and obstacles to growth be they financial or non-financial and underlying factors spanning from demographics to macro-economic level factors.

2 Cat III Experts with Expertise in Project Management, Statistics and Private Sector

If you meet the requirements and would be interested in this role please apply via the following link to the DAI website, including your CV in EC format


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